Meytal x Singapore Vlog – Part 2/3

Some of the hottest days of my life, and that says A LOT coming from someone that grew up in Israel.

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The New MEYTAL Album Kickstarter campaign launches 11/17/17

Exactly 3,173 of you supported the creation of my debut album ALCHEMY. I’ll need your support to bring it home!

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Meytal x Singapore Vlog – Part 1/3

This was a really fun experience!

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Lots of you have been rooting for it like crazy, so I’m glad I’m able to deliver ✔️

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I was at a restaurant when someone told me Mike Portnoy is sitting in the front.

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BEHIND THE SCENES – Tool – Forty Six and 2

Just came across the BTS folder I recently shared with my patrons and thought I’ll share some w you toooo. This one is from the 46&2 shot in Canada by Drumeo as part of the Maximum Meytal DVD launch.

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Cohen x 6 + Spain = ????

They shop. I drop. Well I did get new drumming shoes so I can’t really complain much, and it is so nice to see everyone, as shopaholic as they may be.

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I’m in Spain

When I started out I had a couple of videos and a few hundred subscribers…

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I covered this song about 6 years ago, but I wasn’t so happy with the sound – so here’s take 2!

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First time covering this band for me, in my attempt to mix it up a bit.

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Super stoked to share this video with you, major props to one of the few bands out there that are writing new songs I actually like!

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Here’s Pet for you, one of my fav APC songs! I love how this video came out, I think I finally found a cool little team to work with that I really like, and it only took me about 8 years.

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I thought I was gonna learn this song in a day but then got to the bridge and realized how wrong I was… I think I got it tho, so yay.

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Lots of times I cover songs that require concentration in remembering the parts and not fucking it up.. but this song made it easy to just rock out and not think too much.

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So I’ve been discovering a lot of AWESOME bands lately, and it just so happens that they’re all Australian bands. For real.

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40 minutes ago

Meytal Cohen

Winter in LA 🌞 ... See MoreSee Less

Winter in LA 🌞


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Is your lil one ok after having teeth removed?

its now about 0 Celsius... and snowing today... its autumn ;)

It's getting colder every day here dam

Do An La Meet Up ! 😭🔥

It's cooler up here in Big Bear.... 66 today.... ;)

Wow winter in LA 😂😂you should come to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 lol 😍😍

I think i will regret this question. Were you yesterady at the grove like at 5:30 pm? I think I saw you, but i wasn´t sure!!!!

It's not even Winter yet... and it's already been in the mid to low 30's in the morning... No me gusta...

I'll take your winter over our winter :P lol

Great, my daugther is now in LA, she plays bass guitar. I like very much LA weather.

I'm a Washington State kind of guy

Global warming and so many cuddly poodle types

What is it like 75 degrees or something?

It's not called winter there, it's Cold Summer right now. Hot Summer and Cold Summer, no in between.

Don't rub it in Missy...Up North in Canada it will be nothing but nasty. Drums keep us warm :D

Yer wearing white after labor day...bwahaha

Haha! And I thought it was hot here in Texas 🤘🏼🇨🇱

Just a wee bit different than what we have going on here in New Hampshire :-)

I miss winters in that area. My view was never that beautiful though ;)

Hahaha! About the same here in San Antonio!!

We're moving rapidly into the hot sunny days here, wonderful!

I'll swap your LA winter for a Dublin, Ireland winter anyday 👍😄

Meytal ,do peeps recognize you on the street ?

You would melt the snow if u had any

Hahahaha. It's up to 90s in LA today. Winter is coming...

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22 hours ago

Meytal Cohen

👉👉 ... See MoreSee Less

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My dear Facebook guerrilla team: You’ve supported, liked, shared, kept tabs on, and most importantly found your way into my life. I like that you’re here, we were meant to be. You allow me to forge my own unique, self-reliant musical career just by being your awesome self. Now the moment is here, where I need you THE MOST! a NEW Meytal album is brewing and your assistance in VITAL to bring it HOME! Check it out here:

Always watch your videos and they inspire me to practice more! It would be awesome to see you play live over here in the UK 🇬🇧️at some point. Catch you soon fellow tub thumper🎶 🤘😝🥁🎶

FYI the mic your using doesn't work by pointing the top at your mouth, it uses the front and back side to capture sound or better yet, the side with knobs. Hope that helps

Hey you. Just logging on. Can you talk about the new project? Also, I️ was wondering how much time was available to increase my pledge amount.

Girl Ive followed you for years now and you are still the best female drummer I have ever seen thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us

Doug Masters My absolute favorite Queensryche album is Operation Mindcrime, the first one. I was not impressed with the second one. Queensryche is not Queensryche without Chris DeGarmo

I love when you’re playing, and it’s a pretty technical part, you’re playing along and you start smiling. Like,”I’ve got this!!!” Great spirit

Don't care what anyone says...YOU ROCK and I'll try to get my funding for your project to you A.S.A.P. Thanks for the music you give us

I'm gunna send ya some fund's woman,Was kinda sad about my doggy's teeth,He look's like me now! ha ha Love kiddo,Keep bangin.

Hi Meytal. Challenge yourself and try and play The Weapon by RUSH. I would love to see you try some older RUSH covers ;-)

Will do!! Facebook and insta here. I'll pledge a Kickstarter asap okay!! Love your drums skills. Brit love n hugs 🇬🇧💓👏🤘🥁🎵

I love your work , however you do a lot of stuff I normally don’t listen to ,how about a little more less metal stuff

You are great at what you do.. please keep it o for life.. you're the only person I buy things from of the Internet...

What has been your favorite city to visit or preform ? Ever been to Philadelphia? I know our city would treat you with open arms and would love to see you rock on the drums

Been watching u since u covered Judith perfect circle. Waaaaaay back. Love ya meytal! From New Orleans la 🤘🏼🎊🎊🤘🏼

Hi, from Az. My money to come!!!! Just got out of surgery so I'm healing, but for sure I'm on board.

As soon as I get out of my injury hope you check out my youtube video, witch doesn't exist yet, but soon.

Looks like lots of supporters. No lure needed in my case. Loved Alchemy. You & Sahaj are in for a long ride on the Rock'N'Roll highway. 🤘💎🌎🌹

You will make such beautiful and awesome children. Marry me and let's see what happens. I am rich and you will have everything you ever wish for, ;), except skate boards, :)

Just please tell me you are going to get a new singer, the dime a dozen guy you had on first album is NOT that good.

Attack guitar, screaming vocals, aggressive double bass and earth shaking rhythm is what it's all about🤘🤘

I love your drumming and your personality --- would you take me to Israel with you one day ??? If you ever go back ???

on the 16 note triplet fill I keep playing it as a groove...Is there a hint or drill to not do it this way?

Thank you for your service and you are an inspiration to my 5 year old who is learning to play the drums.

I love watching you perform. Your smile, the Tallent you posess. As a drummer myself, after 8th grade I stopped, just started back 3 years ago. You make it look so easy. God bless you and what you're doing and peace! ✌✌

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1 day ago

Meytal Cohen

When on a hammock ... See MoreSee Less

When on a hammock


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Live stream today in 5 hours (3pm PST)! see you there?

Don't hurt your wrist falling out 😳

"Back to the hammocks, my friend. You know, there's a little place called Mary Ann's Hammocks. The nice thing about that place is Mary Ann gets in the hammock with you."

If you lay at an angle you'll get a flatter more comfortable lay. This coming from someone who sleeps nightly in a hammock :)

You were beautiful then and you still are beautiful today!!! I just love your upbeat personality and as always a great smile. You are an angel. 🥁

Your smile is certainly a day brightener.

Can't continue to be provoked. Not fair to sit at the table and not eat all the wonderful food. Been a pleasure.

how long did it take you to get out of it... lol

You probably never heard from your fans how gorgeous you are, so I'm going to say it first...😁..

......"ROCK IT"...LOL. chillaxing.Looks like you having fun. Enjoy friend. "Keep on Rocking".

Do as the hammock

Hammocky things on a hammock!

Ya do what a person in a hammock does :) chill

hammock would make a good name for a metal band

great smile & just kickin back..happy holidays

Love that smile....! 💝💝💝💝💝 take my heart....! Sorry mi ingles is no good

Signorina lei mi abbaglia con quel sorriso... mi abbassa i fari per cortesia?

The best smile in the game...

So cool. Take a rest and enjoy French hugs🤘

Do as the Hammockins do?

Glad to see your Kickstarter is off to a good start! !!

Looks comfortable i would like to slide in with you. I SEE YOU and I FEEL YOU.

Just livestream from the hammock 👍

Very comfortable you are meytal happy for the second album

That looks very relaxing, Good luck on your new album, I'll def buy a copy,

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2 days ago

Meytal Cohen

Suuuuup? ... See MoreSee Less



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Aloha! Looks like the Kickstarter is going good. If everyone who follows you chipped in a few bucks you could make the CD and have enough left over to BUY a tour bus. 😎

Not much is up right now; wasting time at the day job. Looking forward to working on the musicroom/studio over the vacation, though.

Waaasuuuupppp beautiful-wonderful?!!!!!!

Hi meytal, are you planning on doing a tour next year at all?

Did you cut your hair??

Hi Meytal! On restriction (Veteran at a Military Installation), so I spent most of my past Saturday with you on Youtube...can't get enough! Wondering when you're coming to Western New York...please?!!

I cannot WAIT until the next album is out! Also, I hope to be able to see you live, next time you're in either Chicago or Milwaukee. You're awesome, Meytal!

No doubt you are great meytla a second album on the way and of course all of us will support you you are a great talent in the battery and in life the great meytal Cohen is a metal queen 😋

Hey Meytal...any chance of you performing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Do love your talent...and you too.

Oh nothing new.... Trying to reinvent my self in order to avoid selling my drums, hard times and no band mates

Meytal you just get more and more amazing and so beautiful!!! I just love your upbeat personality and fabulous smile!!!

Yo! Yo! Wazhappenin? :) chilling and about to travel to my workplace tomorrow! :)

love you more Heavy Meytal

I'm gathering up some funds to put on your new album project. Rock on!

Love to have one of your used kits , or are you sponsored?

I bought the deeeluxe package on the first day. I'm a Meytal fan for life! Love you, girl!

All things Meytal is wassup girl.....

Hey beautiful drummer still following you still enjoying the CD

great smile and drummer..

Absolutely love your smile. Brightens any gloomy day.

What's up?????? nothing much here, just rocking out

Suuuuup? Well, I can't imagine how many idiots reply with what's up...

What's up, you are an incredible drummer, wish I could see your post more often...

Good Morning Meytal. Almost half way there already. You got this. Got the treat 📦 from kickstarter. 🥁💎🌎🌹

Hey hiya doing? You celebrate thanksgiving Meytal?

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Comment on Facebook

My dear FB guerrilla team! You’ve supported, liked, shared, kept tabs on, and most importantly found your way into my life. I like that you’re here, we were meant to be. You allow me to forge my own unique, self-reliant musical career just by being your awesome self. Now the moment is here, where I need you THE MOST! a NEW Meytal album is brewing and your assistance in VITAL to bring it HOME! 👉

Meytal,. I'm absolutely jumping in and all the stuff I want is gone so if you can add some more things great, if not I'll figure out what's leftover and contribute. Hoping that your album comes off without a hitch. I have absolutely replicated your setup, and I love it to death!!!

So with Eric apparently leaving, is Sahaj the new full time singer?

Hey Meytal, same musicians or new ones?

Was that filmed in the San Gabriel Mountains?

Please come back to Kansas City so I can meet you and the band this time.

Going to contribute to this new project as soon as I get paid next week Meytal Cohen! #brokeass

Count me in.. the last albumn was stellar.. cant wait to hear what you have coming up.

Sahaj is perfect for your new album. Keep rocking Meytal

yall rock :) \m/,

Love your skills and love of music. More than that,your willingness to go beyond the corporate box and do YOU so vey cool!!! I am homeless and have started my photography business and while not yet completely supporting my need to be off the street,it has brought so many wonderful peple in my life andsome of them have gotten jobs and a better life. Meytal Cohen you are an inspiration to me and I am sure to many others...keep pounding those skins and being an inspiration to many !!!!!

And 2.) WHY HAS THIS GIRL NOT BEEN SIGNED YET?! Don't give up hope my drum teacher was the best around and no one paid attention but Berkeley he got a call there and now he's the drummer for "Josh Groban" •Dave Dicenco• check him out he's fucking vicious!!!! Keep kicking ass !

Holy Christ. 80k? I can't afford to be part of this yet but rest assured I will be in before the final date! I really like the stuff you've done so far and I'm all about not having to owe a label to make a good album. :-)

Awesome, Meytal, but what about giving your band members some exposure, showing them playing with you and even dropping their names as well. please don't let the record company dictate you from doing this, because they thing it would distracting from sell their product--- you.

Could not pass up supporting this album since your first one was well worth the support. Can't wait until it's released so I can jam out to it constantly for weeks like I did your first album.

KILLA as always! Two things one while you're on the road be safe and check out my Selfdefense sight a @Christopher DiFazio CALMSELFDEFENSE

You need to grace Northern California with your presents. Ace of Spades in Sacramento would be a great place. Come on Sacramento will love ya.

when people say, my band, my album when it should be our band, our album, theres other people in the band aswell,, but still keep up the good work :)

You are a beautiful woman and a beautiful soul with such amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your gifts as a musician/percussionist with us.

Nite .lov how U came back to thank your fan's .Few does that but U are not only great but Special Also Angel .lov you

These dynamics so far are far more than i expected. Regardless of you've steered away from heavy metal. Being a musician myself i enjoy most genre's of music. Good luck to your new endeavors and don't forget about Houston next time

Which is more awesome -the fun Meytal Cohen has banging those drums or the sound she makes? #ImLovinIt!

*********************Hey************* , I know a guy that does movies using 4k red and is a great video editor... I watched you live message today... if you and your team might be interested... I'd be happy to give you his info....

Hey Meytal, will you be doing any dead covers?

I'm in. This new album is not to be missed.

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1 week ago

Meytal Cohen

💥 The new album Kickstarter is up! 🤘 ... See MoreSee Less



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Round #2 is brewing and your assistance is VITAL to bring it HOME! 🤘

Singer sounds like a combination of Kutless and Chevelle. What's the name of the band?

That's my bday!!! Wish you the best...!

Hi Meytal, i will support you again on kickstarter and hope you come to the netherlands for a concert sometimes

Absolutely SICK track! This really is perfectly executed in every way! Just WOW. Cheers to you guys on the continued success 🙌

Bring it and get your band back on the road. Saw you in Peoria Illinois, rocking show.

I have Alchemy on my IPod I love it!!! I was blown away by your drumming keep it up beautiful Meytal 😘

I still Love Alchemy 😘

My workout/ jogging album!

Dude this gave me this chills I'm not kidding.... the dude singing just brought up like emotions from 10 years ago.. you guys are like the sum of the past 2 decades..... can i be tour photographer!

Meytal, I've been following you since the 46 and 2 cover and I hear a lot 'really good female drummer', but I hope it's sinking in by now that you may well be one of the best DRUMMERS in the world. Looking forward to see more of that crazy talent. (Still wanna see a schism cover too by the way!) Sidenote: Kickstarter album is an insanely smart idea, good luck :D

So...the piggyback on the Kickstarter...does that mean if we're over 80 lbs. that we can give YOU one instead?! Does the piggyback also come with the secret handshake by going one step up?! LOL If you backed Alchemy, it is your Meytalic obligation to back Round 2! (At least it SHOULD be. :) )

The song sounds really cool and well produced, but I'll stick to hear it than to watch it, not trying to sound rude but your smile kind of kill the vibe, besides that, really good job.

I really like ya'll have your own sound, might I suggest something, you seen to have a good guitarist, you might thing about giving him a little more freedom to play a stronger lead, it worked fro Creed. The lead singer is great also, I like his sound rock on please.

“Nothing without You” is one of the best break-up songs ever. Got me through some rough times during my divorce a couple years ago. Lol. Great group, great songs, well produced, the first album was killer. Oh, and my 11 year old daughter thinks your lead singer is fantastic. Lol. We are absolutely fans of Meytal. Looking forward to the new album.

Did the singer win the Chester/hipster with in unnecessary hat contest? Not dissing Chester cuz I liked him. I'm sorry, it's sooo way trying to hard to make something that people will probably like. Just my opinion, it sucks pretty bad. I kinda wished she'd gone with her namesake in band type and went with a fucking metal band. These guys are not that at all. It's really weak.

Really annoying singer, sounds and looks like hundreds of others, good for a Linkin Park tribute band.

In my library now:) its amazing watching musicians- such gifted talented people- so much fun and enjoyable- I will be sure to share with my neighbors :)

Singer is good , but I don't feel he fits ,sorry . Deeper , ballzy vocals would be better . Good Luck !!!!

isnt it that this song is like or almost the same wth one of the song in your album alchemy? but anyway, i really love how you play the drums!!!

but that song had already uploaded to youtube on your channel so it would not be new or would it? but I still love the way you play and your band <3

The singer looks like a 30 yr old version of a Polish woman wearing a babooska with that stupid hat on!!

Not exactly my style of music, but that singer has a damn fine voice....and Meytal.... well, making it look like a walk in the park as usual!

YESSSSS !!! DONE <3 Can't for the photos and t-shirt <3 (and of course, all the new songs I'll be listening from dusk 'til dawn for weeks, like last time ^^)

Hello Meytal Cohen. Excellent song. The voice of the singer is very good. It reminds me of Chester. Have a great day.

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2 weeks ago

Meytal Cohen

Morninggggg! 🌴 ☀️🌊 ... See MoreSee Less

Morninggggg! 🌴 ☀️🌊


Comment on Facebook

The snow is flying.I could use some warming from where you are lol

Have a nice day Meytal 💗

Meytal!!! How's it going? Miss you!

Good Morning!

Good evening from Germany!

Morning lovely lady. I still watching you drum whilst I recover from hip replacement in the UK. Once I get the all clear I can start to cover your covers. Thanks Meytal xx

Nothing like that great morning cup of coffee nice to see you baby girl. Next time you get into Las Vegas I would really like to meet you

Hey meytal, i following after you for along time, and i think you great the covers on youtube just perfect. Can we here you playing open solo?

Yes you have to be careful just not enough to go skiing. I would think you are enjoying the sun and swimming.

The way the guy in the background of holding his arms it looks like he's holding a double neck kinda.

Hey girl have or do you use any type of electronic drums? Been reading Pert and a few others do on occasion. Oh and now that you got me messing around with drums i showed my daughter you FFDP cover and now she wants a set! She wants to do a father daughter drum cover so i guess i gotta practice.

You are absolutely gorgeous there Meytal !!!! Looks like iced coffee.

Hey there little lady....nice morning to ya

Top of the morning to ya

Hope you have a great time away!! You are one Badass drummer!! ;)


I love you miss Meytal 😘😘😘

Congrats on your new album, Meytal. Sounds great to me!

Ah, man!! Wish I was at a beach with guitars too. .

afternoon Meytal have a great day miss beuatiful

Wanted to say ty for your videos, my 10 y/o Arabella is now an inspiring drummer, because she wants to be Like Meytal..

Good morning beautiful!!! Have a blessed day!!

With that smile, you should be in Politics...

Meytal i been having trouble looking for your covers were can i find them?

Looking good,is that Venice beach?

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2 weeks ago

Meytal Cohen

That third arm sure comes in handy 🐙 ... See MoreSee Less

That third arm sure comes in handy 🐙


Comment on Facebook

That's the biggest skin-tag I've ever seen in an armpit! To have motor control over it is even more impressive. You just need to teach it to hold a drum stick, next. :D

Meytal could you please give a listen to my daughter Melissa vocalizing? Melodies by Melissa@Youtube thanks, Dad

What a fabulous smile there gorgeous beautiful Meytal!!! My favorite picture of you!!! Love your braid!!!

Third leg does help too

No wonder why your drum skills are awesome.

That's cheating, tho 😐

your so cute with three arms even

So that explains the stellar drumming

That's how your so badass Lol jk grate pic

That's why you drum so well! Cheater.

So that's your secret. That explains alot. Lol

Great Smile & Fun Times, Great Drummer M.C.

I love you miss Meytal 😘😘😘

Imagine how awesome a 3rd arm would be when playing!

:) Wish I were 30 or 40 years younger!!!

Took my brain a couple of seconds to compute and see... and eternity in computing cycles!

no wonder you are so good on the drums

But the drummer from Def Leapord....

So that’s how you do it. I was wondering how you managed to play like that

Nothing wrong with an extra arm...

So that's why you are so awesome on the drums.😲

I knew you had a secret weapon!!

What do you do with it when you are eating?

Damn, no wonder you make it look so easy lol

I knew that you had a secret to your awesome drumming skills. The third arm. Very clever. :)

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2 weeks ago

Meytal Cohen

Here's some raw footage from one of my fav covers in the last few months. I drop them sticks quite a bit, I think it's cause I hold them too far back. I like living on the edge, what'reya gonnado? 😎 ... See MoreSee Less

Some Twelve Foot Ninja BTS! 💫


Comment on Facebook

Is it twelve foot ninja?

Love the raw footage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was the end of the TFN, cover of "One Hand Killing"! I love your cover of that song! You actually turned me on to their music! I had never heard of them, until I watched your cover of it! And honestly, (and I'm not just saying this to stroke your ego! LOL!), but I think you actually play it better than their drummer plays it. I think the audio production quality of your cover sounds better than the bands album version! I prefer your covers of a lot of tunes, over the original versions, and have downloaded your covers, instead of the original because your versions sound better in many cases! Thanks a million Meytal, for all the outstanding performances you've given us! I know you're extremely busy, but if you can find the time, I'd love to hear you cover APC's "Doomed"!

I hold them far back too... Makes them look long and improves reach. It's like... Stick-plus. Of course I choke a bit more when I need more rebound for more intricate styles, but stick-plus all day for rock lol

Hi Meytal Cohen! I´m a big fan of you and your drums´ technique. Here´s a picture of my set....really don´t have too much time to play, but I enjoy the few times when I can play some classics with my friends! Take care! ;) & regards from Brazil!

I'm not a drummer, but I think wrong stick grip position might cause carpel tunnel issues in your wrists. You might check that out. But your covers, originals, etc are awesome no matter how you hold your sticks. Can't wait to see you on tour again. 😀😀😀😀

I seam to have the same problem, dropping sticks. I use the Zildjian drumstick wax, seams to help somewhat. Still Trying to get that twirling thing down lol. Keep on keeping on Meytal.!!!

whatre ya gonna do? id recommend a lanyard, drill a hole in the end of the stick and braid a cord through it to hold on to, or a small loop to be used as a ring, or tie it to your wrist

If stick throwing/dripping is an issue, think about gloves. I’ve used football receiver gloves and baseball batting gloves. The leather helps grip and is resistant to sweat a bit.

I know how you feel dear. Especially on the road 3hr show after 3hr show the callus buildup is so thick I can't feel the sticks in my hands. Sticks will fly!

Yeah that happens a lot when you hold them at the ass end, it generates more torque between your griping fingers making it harder to hold on. Also because ya sticks move more you end up with more calluses & blisters. I find practicing wit a heavier stick helps get it under control a bit better. Also you break more sticks that way.

Think of the stick as a bird... if you hold it to tight it will die, if you hold it too loose it will fly away :) Your style is very relaxed and that is good!

Did the same but re caught it backwards kept the groove going was cool. But were all humans and drop a few sticks and f bombs about dropping sticks lol

One of the hardest covers, in my opinion, that you do. Such a great band and fun song with the different grooves! Excellent job!

I used to drop then while just playing the snare in grade school band. Top that! Now, I just drop the guitar pick... at random intervals.

I always get distracted by you holding the sticks like that lol. I had a habit of it once, now I'm always checking.

I thought holding the sticks that far back will give you less control and pron to the flying stick syndrome?

That drum kit is great but the way you play is super amazing meytal is a beast 😎💗 I did not know that band until you made the cover I liked its sound now I listen to 12 😍😍😍

Get a tension ball and use it to strenghten the grip of your fingers and hands. You may have used one after you broke your arm.

Don't you just hate it when you don't have a spare stick lying around.! Here's a drum stick for ya 🍗😎

I only recently started to choke up. Def get more control

You are a bad ass!! If you get a second check out my band and give me some feed back? Spring Grove Band

Sounds like you need longer sticks lol

I remember seeing some sticks fly when you were on tour with Queensryche!

that's boust same grip I use on my sticks . may haveta just move that cymbal back a lil bit.

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2 weeks ago

Meytal Cohen

Whatcha doin? 👨🏻 ... See MoreSee Less

Whatcha doin? 👨🏻


Comment on Facebook

Waiting for your next tour!!

Hey Meytal :) So my Daughters Birthday is this Sunday and I finally got her a Kit. It's a 5pc Road show Pearl. Ever since I showed her your video covers she wanted to play. Finally a Year later almost she's ready to Fly :) Thank you for inspiring the Young she's turning 6 and you are her favorite YouTube to watch.

I havent heard from you for a while - since I havent searched. :D

Watching Dancing with the stars ✨

Chillen on my Birthday

Recording. Nice stash.

namm 2018??????

Eatn wings. Want some ?


Love how much of a goof you can be and serious at other times. Besides being an awesome drummer, your personality is what i find the most attractive about you ( along with being uber cute) lol

Your amazing on everything you do.My daughter loves your music,finally found a way to get her to listen to metal music and ditch frozen.Now I have to get her a drum set. Any recommendations on a good starter set.You are so inspiring.We love you and keep on keeping on.You truly ROCK.✌

On my way to work... I work night shift... at least after tonight I’m off for a whole week... yeeeaaayyyy. 🙂. I enjoy your music & posts... your a fantastic drummer , & have a great sense of humor & personality... I like that... you’re down to earth & not a ego maniac...🙂 Looking forward myself to some time off work... & playing my DW drum kit myself... its in the loft of an old barn I’s my passion & release much like yourself... have a great day Meytal 🤘

Same as you, it appears Meytal💨😂😂😂😂😎🌹. Chilling. Getting ready to visit patreon again. Technical bugs resolved. Keep the flame burning. Can't wait to hear your band and Sahaj tearing it apart again.🤘

Did you know that November is Movember? Support men's health. Men are to grow a mustache so people would ask about it. Thanks for supporting😀

Wondering what awesome piece of music 🎶 your working on in that lovely heard of yours.that you will lay down on the skins and post for us to enjoy next 😃

You are simply gorgeous Meytal!!!! Love your current drum setup by Drum Workshop! They look simply amazing just like you!!!

Meytal, how about some Chlorine and Wine by Baroness? That would be greatly appreciated by 🤘

Goofball I am drinkin a Miller and trying to edit a photo lol and you just blew my whole train of thought lol

I see a video meytal the cover of tool aenima is my favorite tool song and trying to get out that pedal movement and that makes the great meytal 😍

Sittin in a car in Camden waitin for my mom. I gonna cue up one of your slipknot vids to pass the time. Thanks!

Well, now I’m thinking about you ‼️💐 You’re wonderful, GORGEOUS, and so very talented‼️🌹❤️😘💕💕💕 Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love ❤️

Thanks for looking in on me. I went to the Ozzfest knotfest this weekend. Met both of these bands. Upon a burning body, and Ring's of Saturn. Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson rocked. Mr Manson had a broken ankle. So he rolled around on a up right electric wheel chair. While his two Physicians helped change his wardrobe between songs.

beating the hell out of my xbox one drums on Rock Band 4 and failing miserably.. LOL I'm so not you...:P You rock!

reading about ozzy Osbourne farewell tour (again lol)

Looking at a pic of you with a hair mustache! LOLOL!

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3 weeks ago

Meytal Cohen

when your videographer is practicing flying his new drone, for the first time, way too close to your head ✈︎ ... See MoreSee Less

full video coming 11/17/17


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Full video coming November 17 💆🏻

Get it darling... I've become your new fan. Watched you jam yesterday on a post of you and your band. Damn good song by the way. Keep jamming my friend .....your great.

Please Meytal, hurry and finish it quick ;) <3

My daughter name is Melody Meytal.She born on 7/07/17.You are my favourate drummer. Meytal Cohen

I love you miss Meytal 😘😘😘

You know, you can put someone's eye out with that thing.

Take care!!! A Drone could do bad injuries. I'm a pro, let me do it!!!

I love the way you play

Atal Prateek Barla aab biswas hua Tight bajati h has2 k

LOL. Ray Haynes, look how fun videography is now.

always awesome i love you meytal! ⓠⓤⓘⓔⓡⓞ ⓜⓤⓒⓗⓘⓢⓘⓜⓞ

Doesn't look very close

you need a stunt drummer!!

Oh look it's a UFO above your head 😂😂😂

You need a hard hat 👷‍♀️

Awesome. :)

Quel son wahouu !

Love you big big..😙😙

Im big fan of you

That's a Mavic pro

Gorgeous view 🤘💗🎶🥁

Le nouveaux studio a Meytal 😉👍 🎼dd🥁🎧

LIVE...........drums 🌝🥁🎚🚁........

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3 weeks ago

Meytal Cohen

Here we see the rare drummer in its natural habitat ... See MoreSee Less

Here we see the rare drummer in its natural habitat


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Curious......How long does it take to set up all your equipment.......drums, symbols, ect also do you use your set when you travel or share the house equipment?

Notice the drummer twiddling their fingers obliviously. Without sticks the drummer is lost and at risk of death due to anxiety of not being able to play. Knee paradiddles suffice until a new pair of sticks is recieved. Once one breaks this behaviour repeats.

I think you're wrong about the natural habitat for drummers. See, the natural place for us is in bars! You took the craft to new heights, hence the mountains.

That picture is epic and the 46&2 video, for shure, is on my top 3 drum videos!😊 Keep on the good work and i'm thrilled by the up comming second Meytal album👍👍

I'm scared, is it mean when not drumming? Be careful, don't let it's beauty fool you,it could be dangerous.

It's rare but cozy and pleasant surrounded by drums and a couple of banquets is like paradise for us drummers 😘 It seems that it is cold meytal

Crocheted hoodies are a drummers natural habitat.... this explains so much.

My natural habitat as a drummer is definitely the basement; not a beautiful mountain range.

That's not a drummer's natural habitat. Where's the bar, it's too light, too damn cold, lol.

I've never seen one that close before.

In the morning-haze of dawn!?😇 ..s o pathetic *ah uhm p o e t i c Meytal!!😝 Luv Ya! 😘

do you tune your drums any way specifically?

Good morning Meytal, Have a rocking day.

Você e uma senhora que toca muinto bem bateria eu nunca tinha vista nada igual adoro ver os seus videos parabéns 😤

Nothing gets between a girl and her drums

only love and master amen faith..

the mountains are your home?

I love you,, Meytal Cohen

This rare drummer loses its sticks as a natural defence mechanism, but soon grows them back... lol

מיטל השילוב של מתופפת קטלנית ובחורה יפה הוא שילוב שרוב בני האדם לא יכולים לעמוד בו😉⁦❤️⁩

Is this a Nat Geo special🤣🤣

Wow beautiful.. I'm in love of you meytal!!!

Not really, your just kinda cute.

Wonders will she find a stable tonight. :P

Waiting to see you using those new cymbals!!

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