Meytal x Singapore Vlog – Part 2/3

Some of the hottest days of my life, and that says A LOT coming from someone that grew up in Israel. But still, it was worth it and I hope to be back.. if not for the awesome people then for the shopping – yes, I do STILL despise shopping, but such as myself, the Singaporeans happen to be unusually small people, and the size XXS CAN be found in most stores, and not just in the kids section, which makes me much more agreeable to the whole shopping experience.


I’m here gearing up towards the release of my MEYTAL album #2 Kickstarter campaign on 11/17/17, editing a sick new play through video, and gathering a list of some spacial rewards to show my undying appreciation for your much needed support! All the background tracks in this vlog are from my debut original ALCHEMY which you can check out here!

Singapore Drum Fest

I’ll sign off with a few more shots:

Good peepz

This kid killed it

Thanks for the hookup Paul!

What the F are we watching?!

Germany vs. Italy (Jost Nickel, Federico Paulovich)

Love you aaaaall