Meytal x Singapore Vlog – Part 1/3

This was a really fun experience! For years I’ve been keeping live appearances to a minimum, due to some personal fears and deep seeded craziness. I get so stressed out before playing live, I’m pretty sure that’s the reason I was sick with a fever 98% of the time on our band tour. But things are changing… I think I’m growing up ? I want to experience more, I want to travel and I want to meet YOU! So keep a look out, things are already in motion, more of this coming soon!


All the background tracks in this vlog are from my debut original ALCHEMY which you can check out here! The plans for album #2 are now in the works and you will get an official update on that very, very soon – in November… Meanwhile you can become a patron to keep supporting my magical journey and watch all 30 minutes of this vlog right now!

Singapore Drum Fest

I’ll sign off with a few more shots from the first day in Singapore!

Snackerooz for the win!

Dorks / Gangstars

The good people of Singapore!

The room isn’t ready yet? Let’s practice rudiments by the pool.

Taking my OCD to a whole new level

Love you aaaaall