Cohen x 6 + Spain = ????

Hi from Spain!

In Seville with my sisters and mom.. Doing what? you guessed it. Shopping, and lots of it. Well I did get new drumming shoes so I can’t really complain much, and it is so nice to see everyone as shopaholic as they may be. ?

The day started off good, We took a tour bus. I figured we would see cool NEW places other than the ONE street we’ve been shopping on. It’s a “hop on hop off” bus which worked well for them, they “hopped off” the minute the bus stopped next to the same one street, and that was the extent of the tour. We’re just so cultural and adventures.. Zara, mango and the most boring of all which FYI has no seats and I hate the most – Massimo Dutti.

Here’s a pic from Plaza De Espana, the first (and only) stop where the tour bus left from. It’s kind of hilarious when u think about it but give me a week or two to forget.

Also got to meet some of you good looking ppl wandering the street of Seville that’s always fun ? it still blows my mind that I can go half way across the world and randomly meet ppl that know who I am ? I know u guys exist in real life but it’s so much better meeting u in person!

I’ll leave you with a couple more pics – the best part of this trip really. Cause the memory fades and you can almost imagine it was fun ? but all jokes aside, I do realize how incredibly lucky I am to be having these first world problems and I’m super thankful for it. Love these crazy people and so lucky to get to hang once in a blue moon.


Oh and…. new videos on the way!

See you guys soon..