The double bass part at 2:34 kicked my ass, took me a solid week to be able to play it, but it’s these parts that lay just outside your comfort zone that will ultimately make you a better player – So bring it on ?

Album: Overcome

Released: September 16, 2008
Labels: Prosthetic • Razor & Tie

Album cover – Overcome (2008)


All That Remains is an American heavy metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts, formed in 1998. They have released eight studio albums, a live CD/DVD, and have sold over a million records worldwide. The group currently consists of vocalist Philip Labonte, guitarists Oli Herbert and Mike Martin, bassist Aaron Patrick, and former Diecast drummer Jason Costa. Labonte and Herbert are the only original members. In spite of this, the band’s line-up had remained consistent from the release of 2008’s Overcome until 2015’s The Order of Things, spanning four albums. This line-up changed, however, in September 2015, when long-time bassist Jeanne Sagan left the band, with Patrick taking her place.

All That Remains

In response to the metalcore label the band has often been classified as, Phil Labonte said: “We are a modern metal band, is really the best way to say it, you know. Because we’ve got solos, we’ve got harmonies, we’ve got some of the kind of breakdown-y. But, I mean, if you look at us as a metalcore band and then you look at, say, you know, Hatebreed as a metalcore band, which a lot of people say Hatebreed is a metalcore band because they’ve got some sort of metal-y riffs. But it’s like we sound nothing alike.”

Phil Labonte

Fun Fact

ATR: “At one point on a tour, our driver could not get into Canada so we basically stole the bus company’s bus and drove it ourselves into Toronto, tipped it into a ditch in a snow storm, almost killed everyone, got towed out of it and still made it to the venue in time for a sold out show!”.

All that remains – Live 2013

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Shot in my studio in Los Angeles
Edited by Lior
Released on Jul 14, 2011

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