So I’ve been discovering a lot of AWESOME bands lately, and it just so happens that they’re all Australian bands. For real, I’m so impressed with Australia right now, that I’m considering going over there and setting up camp. Cause they’re doing something right, and I wouldn’t mind it rubbing off a bit, while I’m here wrecking my brains trying to make a new album.

Album: Dead Letter Circus (EP)

Released: May 5, 2007
Label: MGM Distribution

Album cover – Dead Letter Circus (2007)

Dead Letter Circus are an alternative rock band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Their debut studio album This Is the Warning debuted at No. 2 on the Australian album charts and spawned a number of singles that were played heavily on radio, and was later certified Gold.

Dead Letter Circus

Three members of the defunct Brisbane band Ochre formed Dead Letter Circus in late 2004, releasing one self-titled EP, and the singles “Disconnect and Apply”, “Next in Line” and “The Space on the Wall”. “Disconnect and Apply” received significant radio play on Triple J, where it became one of their most played tracks.[4] They performed at the Big Day Out, Come Together Music Festival in Sydney and the Over-Cranked Music Festival in Brisbane – performing with bands such as Judas Priest, Cog, Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect, Chevelle and Helmet. They also toured Australia extensively on their own headline tours.

Dead Letter Circus live

Fun Fact

In 2011, the band hit the road for a 21 date Australia tour to raise awareness about the dangers of coal seam gas titled the “No Fracking Way Tour”. Guitarist and founding member Rob Maric explained the theme of the tour, stating, “it’s important to everyone. The planet is descending into complete self-destruction. Musicians have a fortunate position of influence so it’s a good opportunity to just say to a large amount of people ‘hey, check out this topic’. I respect artists more than politicians so when they speak, I tend to listen.

Video Credits

Filmed & Edited by Marc Liscio @ 1st Degree Entertainment
Drums Mixed by Charles Kallaghan Massabo