How was the LA show you ask? It was pretty pretty pretty cool. I did have plenty of mess ups thanks to a rather questionable in-ear mix, and one very interesting wardrobe malfunction but over all this gets a solid 8 and a half 👇

Get this song:

it was super awesome to hang with those of you who came out, one of my super patrons even came out from Slovakia!! so holy shit! hope it was worth the travel dude.

Here’s a LIVE VIDEO of me and Anel jamming to ‘Tear Me Apart’ by MEYTAL, it was towards the end of the show, and things were JUST starting to get comfy enough to not sound like total poop. but it’s ok. you’ll come again to the next one, yes?

as a side note, a longer documentary video of the entire day is en-route as soon as I get some more time to edit. not sure about a fuuuull public release, I think we’ll leave this one for the less judgey eyes of my lovely patreon fanmily – dry run and all!!

Love you ppl, more soooon!