an all time fav. this song makes me want to dance. which I did. the other day. this song IS the most danceable songs ever. it was soooo much fun! jumping, dancing. head banging- the whole deal. you GOT to try it out.

Album: Get Some

Released: May 27, 1997
Label: Geffen

Snot – Get Some (1997)

Snot is an American rock band from Santa Barbara, California. Formed in 1995, the band released their debut studio album Get Some with founding vocalist Lynn Strait in 1997 and disbanded after his death in 1998. In 2008, the lineup of guitarists Mike Doling and Sonny Mayo, bassist John Fahnestock and drummer Jamie Miller reunited. In 2009, a new band, Tons, was formed, with Brandon Espinoza as vocalist. As of February 2014, Snot has reformed again.

Snot in 1998

Get Some is the debut album of Snot. Released on May 27, 1997, it is the only album that features its original vocalist, Lynn Strait, who was killed in a car accident on December 11, 1998 when a truck struck his car, killing him and his dog, Dobbs, who appears on the album cover.

Lynn Strait

SNOT Featuring New Singer Carl Bensley

Fun Fact

Snot lead singer James Lynn Strait got a little carried away when Ozzfest played Mansfield, Massachusetts. Strait was cited with a misdemeanor charge after he emerged from Limp Bizkit’s toilet prop — a specially made 13 foot tall porcelain apparatus the band uses as part of its show — stark naked. An Ozzfest spokesperson said that security began to chase Strait after he descended from the bowl during Limp Bizkit’s set and fled into Ozzy’s dressing room.

Serj Tankian (SOAD) & Lynn Strait (Snot)

Video Credits

This video was shot at Studio West in San Diego – one hell of a kick ass recording school, and recording studio. I’m recording my album there, LOVE the place and the people.
Special thanks to Jeff Wells for all the amazing help and support!
Shot by Justin Edelman
Drums mixed by Brooke Villanyi