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This was a request! not that familiar with this band. at first I thought the singing was a tad too whiney for me, but somehow the more i listened to it, the more I liked it. and so in conclusion – this song kinda just kicks ass. I also realized it’s quite the core workout, the more you squeeze your belly in, the tighter your double bass is. swear to god. lol

Album: Sempiternal

Released: April 1, 2013
Labels: RCA • Epitaph

Album Cover – Sempiternal (2013)

Bring Me The Horizon are a British rock band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Formed in 2004, the group currently consists of vocalist Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls and keyboardist Jordan Fish. They are signed to RCA Records globally and Columbia Records exclusively in the United States. The style of their early work, including their debut album Count Your Blessings, has primarily been described as deathcore, but they started to adopt a more eclectic style of metalcore on subsequent albums. Furthermore, their latest album That’s the Spirit marked a shift in their sound to less aggressive rock music styles.

Sempiternal is the band’s fourth studio album. It is the first album to feature former Worship keyboardist Jordan Fish and was believed to be the last album to feature guitarist Jona Weinhofen. Written and recorded throughout 2012, Sempiternal showed the band pool diverse influences from electronic music, ambient music and pop. “Sempiternal” is an archaic English word denoting the concept of “everlasting time” that can never actually come to pass.[5] It stems from the Latin word “sempiternus” (a concatenation of root “semper” and suffix “aeternum”). The album spawned four singles (“Shadow Moses”; “Sleepwalking”; “Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake”; and “Can You Feel My Heart”). The album made its debut at No. 3 on the UK Album Chart and is their second successive album to top the ARIA Charts in Australia. It also managed to reach No. 11 on the US Billboard Chart with 27,522 first week sales, making Sempiternal the band’s highest charting album in America until That’s the Spirit debuted at No. 2 in 2015. Upon its release, the album received critical acclaim

Bring Me The Horizon

Fun Fact

Bring Me The Horizon got their name form a line in Pirates of the Caribbean. Matt Kean, who joined the group after they came up with their moniker told EastScene: “At the time there were a lot of bands that had names that you would associate with this kind of music. They just stayed away from all the pretentious or predictable stuff. And they were sitting around one day watching the movie and heard the line and thought it would be a laugh.”

BMTH Live at Reading Festival 2015

Video Credits

Shot at my studio in Los angeles
Drums Mixed by Eric Emery
Released on April 4, 2014

Setting up for the shoot