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I heard this song when I was walking in Venice beach the other day and I remembered how much I used to love it! 😀

Album: Sublime

Released: July 30, 1996
Labels: MCA

Album cover – Sublime (1996)

Sublime was an American ska punk band from Long Beach, California, formed in 1988. The band’s line-up, unchanged until their breakup, consisted of Bradley Nowell (vocals and guitar), Eric Wilson (bass), and Bud Gaugh (drums). Lou Dog, Nowell’s dalmatian, was the mascot of the band. Nowell died of a heroin overdose in 1996, resulting in Sublime’s breakup.


Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh were childhood friends. Having grown up in the same Long Beach neighborhood, Eric’s father, Billy Wilson taught Gaugh how to read music and play the drums. Gaugh and Wilson together with future Sublime manager, Michael Happoldt, formed a three-piece punk band called The Juice Bros during their high school years. About this time, Bradley Nowell, who had recently dropped out of University of California, Santa Cruz, joined the band. Nowell helped introduce Gaugh and Wilson to reggae and ska, who at the time listened exclusively to punk rock.


Fun Fact

Their first record, 40 Oz. to Freedom, was released through a homemade label, Skunk Records, started by Nowell and Sublime manager Miguel. It sold an amazing 5,000 copies before they were signed to MCA and spent over 50 weeks on Billboard’s Alternative New Artist chart.

Sublime – 40 Oz. to Freedom

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Recorded in my studio in Los Angeles
Released on Sep 21, 2012