Too many drums? No such thing.

Always wished I was taught drums playing open handed, keeping time with the left hand on the hi-hat leaving much more space for a nice strong backbeat! it just makes more sense, no? Stewart — is a lefty playing a righty set up which gives him a huge edvantage using this open handed approach.. ? ladies and gentleman: Stewart Copeland.

Despite being left-handed, Copeland plays the drums right-handed, with the hi-hats on his left and ride cymbal and floor toms on his right. He played his snare drum in a very peculiar way: from big booming hits to jazzy counter-tempo to soft beating on the ridge. During his years with the Police, he became known for engaging only the hi-hat with bass drum to keep the beat on many Police tracks. Copeland is a master of the syncopated beat, and his distinct approach consolidates his position as an important drummer on the world stage, subsequently influencing generations of drummers.

Stewart Copeland

Here’s my take on Copeland 🙂