Our New Spirit Animal

This is my new favorite thing. It should be yours too. ? Say hello to Nyango Star:

Something about those eyes makes me think its being held at gunpoint by someone just off camera. The song, it turns out, is “Anpanman’s March,” and it’s the theme song to the anime series Soreike! Anpanman, a popular children’s show about a superhero whose sidekick is some sort of bean-jam pastry called anpan. But wait, there’s more!! SLIPKNOT!!

It might seem all rather bizarre over here to have a musician becoming famous whilst dressed in the costume of a children’s character, but the red character, called “Nyango Star”, is something of a rising star in it’s home country of Japan – even signing autographs after the performance!

Nyango Star

I love you Nyango Star. I really do.