Drumcat Street Performance

A Korean drumming group called ‘Drumcat’ performing in Seoul, South Korea. I’d ask to audition but the high heel getup is kind of a buzz kill ?

I started playing drums at 18 years old so as a kid I never went through the whole drum line / drum corps training (more like ice cream corps). Mad respect to these ladies! From their website: “Created in 2013, The all-female percussion group “Drum Cat” has won numerous awards for their combination of unlikely musical genres, complex rhythms and beats and emotional performances.”

Drum Cat

On the other hand, here’s another YouTube gem titled “World’s Worst Marching Band”. I say, A for effort.

And just to balance things out, will sign off with this one true fat drumcat ? Someone should edit this and put this cat infront of a real drumset and give him drumsticks. That would be the best youtube video ever.

Share with your fat cat friends and have a good weekend people!