Dave Grohl Lets a Fan Play Drums – AWESOME

Dave Grohl let a fan play drums for his 18th birthday telling him “you better not f*cking suck” & further solidifying his title as coolest guy in rock-n-roll.

The song is ‘Big Me’. The song became well known for its music video, which parodies Mentos advertisements, turning them into commercials for “Footos.” The concept came from director Jesse Peretz, who had originally pitched the idea to another band, and the Foo Fighters accepted as according to Dave Grohl, “We had some difficulty finding a treatment that would suit the song, which is this short, tongue-in-cheek, ridiculously candy-coated pop tune. We didn’t want to make this big, pretentious portrait video. We wanted to make fun of ourselves and the song.” The video made its MTV debut on February 14, 1996, and quickly became a Buzz Bin clip. Here’s the video:

And yes, Dave played the entire show with a BROKEN LEG.