MEYTAL – NOTHING ((original))

Shooting this video was one incredibly sweaty experience, in this awesomely creative yet airconditionless wearhouse called Mystery Box. however, I do think it was worth it. Huge thanks to my awesome bandmates for rocking their asses off despite the unreasonable room temperature (Yes Eric is obsessed w his beanie and apparently no amount of heat will ever change that).

‘Nothing’ / Written by Meytal Cohen & Sahaj Ticotin
Produced by Sahaj Ticotin
From the release ‘MEYTAL – ALCHEMY’

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Eric Emery – Vocals
Travis Montgomery – Guitar
Doc Coyle – Guitar
Anel Orantes Pedrero – Bass
Meytal Cohen – Drums

Video directed and shot by Carlo Alberto Orecchia
Edited by Lior Ron
Shot at the Mystery Box
Special thanks to Brett Powell