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Album: One-X

Released: June 13, 2006
Label: Jive

Album Cover – One-X (2006)

Three Days Grace Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1997. Based in Toronto, the band’s original line-up consisted of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst. In 2003, Barry Stock was recruited as the band’s lead guitarist. In 2013, Gontier left the band and was replaced by My Darkest Days’ vocalist Matt Walst, who is also bassist Brad Walst’s brother. Three Days Grace has its origins in a five-piece band called “Groundswell”, formed in Norwood, Ontario, in 1992. Most of the members were attending high school when the band formed.

Three Days Grace

One-X is the band’s second studio album. This is their first album recorded as a four-piece band, as Barry Stock joined the group and took over lead guitar from lead singer Adam Gontier. They worked with producer Howard Benson for the album, a decision which proved to be a great move for the band, as the album was both a critical and financial success.

Three Days Grace – Live

Fun Fact

After the release of his band’s debut album, Three Days Grace singer Adam Gontier developed an addiction to the painkiller OxyContin. The band stopped touring so that Gontier could get clean. He successfully completed rehab and Three Days Grace quickly got to work on their second album.

Adam Gontier left the band in 2013

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