One of these videos that make me cringe a little.. imperfectly perfect as they say 🙂 this song brings back memories of being young and more stupid haha.

Album: Faceless

Released: April 8, 2003
Labels: Universal • Republic

Album Cover – Faceless (2003)

Godsmack is an American rock band from Lawrence, Massachusetts, formed in 1995. The band is composed of founder, frontman and songwriter Sully Erna, guitarist Tony Rombola, bassist Robbie Merrill, and drummer Shannon Larkin. The band has had three consecutive number-one albums (Faceless, IV, and The Oracle) on the Billboard 200. The band also has 20 top ten rock radio hits, including 15 songs in the top five, a record number of top ten singles by a rock artist. In honor of the band’s success and the release of their sixth studio album, 1000hp, Mayor Marty Walsh has declared August 6 as “Godsmack Day” in the city of Boston.


Faceless is the band’s third studio album. The writing and recording process, according to Erna, was a self-contained one in which the band holed up in a rented home in Miami, Florida and wrote without distraction or influence from the rock music scene going on around them. On the subject of the album, Erna told LAUNCH Media: “It’s a bit more musical at times, it’s a bit more melodic, but it’s still raw,” Erna said. “It’s still tough. It’s still got that Godsmack edge to it, but it’s not quite as angry, maybe, as the past stuff has been. But it’s still got its rawness… Well, I shouldn’t say that. There’s a couple of nasty fuckin’ songs on this record. But all in all I think it’s just really, I think, some well written stuff. I’m really proud of it.” Erna found inspiration after reading Rush drummer Neil Peart’s book Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road, and penned the new song “Serenity”, which Merrill says is similar in motif to the tribal-drum sound of Godsmack’s past hit “Voodoo”.

Sully Erna

Fun Fact

The band’s name, according to Erna’s statement in a 1999 interview, “I was making fun of somebody who had a cold sore on his lip and the next day I had one myself and somebody said, It looks like God smacked your face for making fun. The name stuck and they went by Godsmack from then on. We were aware of the Alice in Chains song but didn’t really think much about it.” In 1996, Tony Rombola and Joe D’Arco joined Godsmack as the guitarist and drummer, after Richards left upon learning he had a six-year-old child and Stewart left due to personal differences. In the same year, the band entered the studio for the first time, recording its first CD titled All Wound Up. The CD was recorded in just three days for $2,600.

Godsmack – Live @ Chicago Open Air

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