With the recent uploads of the many drums only, I’ve been getting requests for this Karnivool vid – Major props to Steve Judd for writing this drum part, one sickass Aussie dude and such a creative drummer!

Album: Sound Awake

Released: June 5, 2009 (Australia)
Label: Cymatic Records • Sony Music

Album Cover – Sound Awake (2009)


Karnivool is an Australian rock band formed in Perth in 1997. The group currently consists of Ian Kenny on vocals, Drew Goddard and Mark Hosking on guitar, Jon Stockman on bass, and Steve Judd on drums. Karnivool developed from a high school band formed in 1997 in Perth, Western Australia, which played parties using a set of cover versions of Nirvana and Carcass songs, with some original compositions also included. By 1998 lead singer Ian Kenny changed their set to entirely original songs, removed all of the early band members and officially named the band Karnivool, derived from a local anecdotal description that the original members were “a bunch of clowns”.


In 2008 Karnivool entered the studio to write their follow-up to their debut album Themata. Guitarist Drew Goddard stated that the new album Sound Awake would be a huge progression from Themata, while Bassist Jon Stockman stated that the writing process of the new record was a collaborative effort by the band, in contrast to their previous work. Karnivool disclosed their new recording strategy for the second album: try to focus less on minute details and record a more natural-sounding album. Like Themata, Sound Awake was also produced and mixed by Forrester Savel.

Karnivool performing at Big Day Out, Australia 2010

Fun Fact

In 2010, After a successful tour of Europe and the US, Karnivool returned to Australia and announced the national ‘New Day Tour’. Two Melbourne shows and a Sydney show quickly sold out, unprecedented in Karnivool’s history, and further shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth were consequently announced.


Video Credits

Directed by Orie McGinness of Enlighten Creative Studio
Drums mixed by Anthony Kalabretta
Shot at the new Mystery Box
Special thanks to Brett Powell