Some of you might know that this is a redo, this was actually the second cover I ever shot way back in the early days of Meytal drum covers.. well I’m older, wiser and this time I played the part right. also, Mazan did a killer job on the mix. he really tried to get the drum mix to sound like Vinnie’s set and I think he got it pretty damn close! Check it out and let me know what ya tink!




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May 8, 2018

Just our run of the mill YT video viewing party, and me trying (hopefully for the last time) to interpret the damn drum part. 😀


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May 2, 2018

prob one of the more ridicules BTS videos to date, and THE most non-drunk drunk I’ve ever been on camera.


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May 5, 2018

The croissant was too soggy and the coffee had more cream than anything else. it gave me a stomach ache which you will later get to hear about in Cowboy’s from hell’s BTS video. first world problems. yes.

Album: Cowboys From Hell

Released: July 24, 1990
Label: Atco

Album cover – Cowboys From Hell (1990)


Pantera was an American heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas. The group was formed in 1981 by the Abbott brothers – drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell – along with lead vocalist Terry Glaze. Bassist Rex Brown joined the band the following year, replacing Tommy D. Bradford, who was the unofficial original. Having started as a glam metal band, Pantera released four albums during the 1980s. Looking for a new and heavier sound, Pantera replaced Glaze with Phil Anselmo in late 1986 and released Power Metal in 1988. With its fifth album, 1990’s Cowboys from Hell, Pantera introduced a groove metal sound. Pantera’s sixth album, 1992’s Vulgar Display of Power, exhibited an even heavier sound.


After Pantera’s breakup in 2003, Darrell and Vinnie formed a new band, Damageplan, with vocalist Pat Lachman and bassist Bob Zilla. However, some fans felt that Damageplan’s material did not measure up to that of Pantera. Tragedy struck on December 8, 2004. Damageplan was performing in support of their album at a show at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio when, less than a minute into the first song of their set, Nathan Gale, 25, went onstage and shot and killed Darrell. No motive has been given as to why Gale killed Dimebag Darrell, but early theories, which were dismissed by police, suggested that Gale, who was reported to have suffered from schizophrenia, was angered over Pantera’s breakup and resorted to violence.

Dimebag Darrell performs during the 1997 OzzFest

Fun Fact

In an interview at Loyola University in March 2009, Anselmo said: “Well, I think it was about the time when the record [Far Beyond Driven] came in at #1. I was pretty terrified. I was happy as hell; don’t get me wrong, man — I was like, ‘Oh, my God, yes!’ At that point, I had just gotten back from the doctor — from having my second MRI done — and I realized I had two blown-out disks. Now, in order for me to be this Superman that the media had built me up to be, I had to quell that pain. So I started off with regular painkillers and muscle relaxers. Eventually, you climb up the painkiller ladder, because painkillers lie to you; they will magnify that injury. And that’s all that’s on your mind — the injury and painkillers.”

Phil Anselmo

Video Credits

Filmed by Marc Liscio @marcliscioarts
Drums Mixed by Mazen Ayoub @octomaz
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