BEHIND THE SCENES – Tool – Forty Six and 2

haya how are you guys doing this weekend? I’m sitting at a coffee shop catching up on emails but plan on heading over to practice soon! trying to get my chops back up to speed after this week in Spain.. that’s always a bit of a challenge, but that’s how it gooooes. anyhow! Just came across the Behind-The-Scenes folder I recently shared with my Patrons and thought I’ll share some with you toooo. This one is from the 46&2 shot in Canada by Drumeo as part of the Maximum Meytal DVD launch.

Some wonder, but the audio was actually recorded live right there on the mountain. Some challenges included getting incredibly sunburned on my back, not finding a flat ground for my pedals & needing to lay down this super intricate part on un-even ground!

The cool bullet affect was created by this go pro rig they built. I always use go pros when I shoot but never actually end up using the footage cause the quality just doesn’t compare with the other cameras, but THIS is the coolest thing a go pro ever accomplished, I’m pretty sure 😉

FUN times, and the coolest experience ever – I think it came out pretty awesome! And I still think it’s crazy that they got such a sweet drum sound while the entire recording setup was completely portable. so kudos! I tried to talk them into shooting some more with me but I think they’re out of the mountain hiking pirate nature drum cover business. and that’s just too bad. 🙂 but at least we got this one tho, ay mate?

Enjoy and shareeee! Talk soon