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Around the fur – one of my favorite albums of all time. Just watched the Deftones live, for the first time, in Paris, on my layover back from visiting Israel. I had sooooo much fun, and I’ve been obsessing over this album ever since I got back to LA. Shot this with the guys at Drumeo in BC Canada… I Feel extremely lucky to be working with such talented people and to be doing what I love!! Also make sure to watch ’till the end to catch my first on-camera stick break on the last note of the song! that’s metal.

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Released: October 28, 1997
Label: Maverick/Warner Bros.

Album cover – Around The Fur (1997)

Deftones is an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, California, U.S. Formed in 1988, the band was founded by Chino Moreno (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Stephen Carpenter (lead guitar), Abe Cunningham (drums) and Dominic Garcia (bass).


During the group’s first five years, the band’s lineup changed several times, but stabilized in 1993 when Cunningham rejoined the group after his departure in 1990; by this time, Chi Cheng was the band’s bassist. The lineup remained stable for fifteen years, with the exception of keyboardist and turntablist Frank Delgado being added in 1999. The band is known as one of the most experimental groups to have come from the alternative metal music scene. They are sometimes dubbed “the Radiohead of metal” by critics.

Abe Cunningham

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Deftones are accused of inciting a riot. On October 5, 1996, the band are blamed for inciting a riot at Phoenix’s annual UFest. Several fires had already been set on the grounds prior to their set and fans were hopping the metal barricades into the VIP section in front of the stage. Moreno is visibly drunk and feuding with Cunningham, who walks off the stage a few songs in. After the soundman cuts the power, the crowd storms the stage, causing $150,000 in damages. “The crowd went crazy and started jumping on stage and smashing everything,” Carpenter tells Guitar World. “We got whisked away backstage and then kids started burning shit and climbing the light rigs and everything. We didn’t cause the riot, we just happened to be there when the shit went down.”

Chino Moreno – Deftones Live, May 2013

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Filmed by Drumeo in BC, Canada
Released on November 15, 2013

Around The Fur