Drum covers are not monetizable – the labels own the copyright of the songs I covers – they are the ones placing ads on the videos – and they are the ONLY one who’s making ANY revenue. I LOVE shooting videos for you guys, my home base has always been right here online, It was where I got my inspiration, as well as the amazing support of my fans to pull it all off. I’m SUPER excited about this platform because for once, (if you guys like this idea) I’ll be able to do it ALL on an on going basis. For the first time EVER I will have a legit budget for making DRUM COVERS. This IS a GAME CHANGER!

THANK YOU! You guys made it all possible for me from day one, no label or PR firm or a big manager brought me here – You did! You’ve always been totally down to support my weird journey and I will always be so very thankful for that. There are literally no words to express how cool it is to have you there with me every step of the way, so I won’t even try. we’ll hug it out.. next time I see you!

All patrons $20 and above get a limited-edition card sent to your door with the release of each new video!