In the last 12 months I’ve been co-creating a platform called Erlybird. A start-up you could call it! The idea was inspired by the release of “Alchemy” which did amazingly well (thanks to you guys). In fact, the album launch did so well that it inspired us to create a full-on platform that would offer the same tools to other independent creators, and I’m really excited about it! I imagine some of you might be thinking ‘what on earth does a drummer chick have anything to do with building a startup’ and well, my brother once told me ‘making a living from art, is an art form of itself’. While you try to find your way along an uncharted road, you end up learning a thing or 2.

Erlybird combines the excitement of a 30-day crowdfunding campaign with a now ready-to-ship product, that is offered in a special way for a limited time only! this format WORKS, and I believe it will enable lots of independent creators to share their stories and creations, in a special and personal way. This venture, along many others should be attributed to my partner Lior, who possesses the skills needed to see things through. While I’m the weird artist space cadet procrastinator, he truly takes our ideas, organizes the shit out of them and makes them come to life.